Expert Repair for Well Pumps and Tanks in Clearwater

If your Clearwater well isn’t delivering water or you’ve encountered lower water pressure, Midway Services can help.

We’re knowledgeable about well pump repair, replacement and service. Whatever you need accomplished for your well, we uphold it with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a year.*

Common Problems with Well Pumps and Tanks

Here are some of the most common issues with well pumps and tanks:

  • Water stinks, has an unpleasant taste or is discolored
  • Water supply is taking too long to rebound
  • Well pump is without power
  • Inadequate water pressure or no water
  • Faulty pressure tank
  • Damaged air bladder

If you think there’s a problem with your well pump or tank, call us at 727-219-2471. One of our Experts can figure out what’s wrong.

Signs Your Well Needs a Professional Cleaning

The ground encircling your well can be full of elements that can appear in your water.

There are several signs that it’s time for your well to be cleaned:

  • Well water is discolored
  • Things are drifting in the well water
  • Low water pressure
  • Water is testing positive for total coliform or biological activity

Midway Services are specialists regarding well repair and maintenance. We’ll make sure your well is operating cleanly and efficiently.