Toilet Installation and Repair

Midway Services is the number one provider of toilet installation and repairs in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and surrounding areas. Whether your problem is a clogged drain or lies with the toilet itself, we can help you resolve the issue in no time!

Signs You Need Toilet Installation and Repair

Unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong with your private commode. And since this is the most frequently used fixture in your home, it can cause quite a headache when something does go wrong. It can often be hard for homeowners to decide between a new toilet installation and repairs. But what signs should you look out for, and what do each of them mean? Let Midway Services assist you.

  • Clogged – This is the most common reason we are called. Many times the clog cannot be undone with a plunger alone.
  • Constantly Running or the Tank Will Not Fill – There are several possible causes of a constantly running tank, such as defective parts in the Flush valve assembly. This is usually the central cause of any leaking in the tank as it consists of moving parts that both drain and seal. Therefore, it can be prone to corrosion and/or deterioration. These are the parts that could become defective.
  • Over Flow Tube and Seal – If it is not seated correctly, water can leak at the base.
  • Float or Float Cup – If it becomes stuck down, or doesn’t trigger properly, the water will continue to fill – draining into the overflow tube that is there to prevent flooding.
  • Flapper Valve – If a flapper is old, and the rubber is rotting, it can fail to seal properly or stop closing at all. The symptoms can range from the tank needing to top itself off periodically even when it is not in use, to being unable to fill at all.
  • Sponge Gasket – If it has deteriorated, it will cause a leak between the tank and bow.
  • Lock Nut – If not tightened properly, it will also cause the same leak as the gasket.
  • Handle – Handles that have seen a lot of use can become stuck and will either not allow the tank to fill, or will not let the flapper valve fall into place. A simple and painless toilet repair can fix all of these in no time.
  • Cracked Tank/Leaking – If the tank or bowl has cracked, the result could vary from an almost undetectable trickle of water that can seep into your floorboards causing mold growth and rot over time; to copious amounts of water pooling on the floor. Cracks also compromise the strength of the bowl, potentially creating a safety hazard and requiring a new toilet installation.
  • Water Leaking Out Around the Base – This is often a sign that the wax ring which connects the base to the sewer line is no longer sealing. Your technician will need to remove the entire fixture to replace the seal.

Choose Midway Services

Midway Services began as a repiping and plumbing company in 1957, and ever since we have been dedicated to providing customer service that exceeds our client’s expectations. We install only the best name-brand products, and our expert technicians can repair any make or model you may already have in your home such as full, low, and dual flush models. Whether your toilet has a clogged drain, a cracked tank, needs a hardware upgrade, or you need to have your old one entirely replaced, we are the toilet installation and repair experts for you.

If you are a resident of Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or Tampa, let our dedicated staff provide you with our red carpet treatment. You’ll be amazed at how pleasant your experience can be when you come to the industry leaders.