Rely on Us to Clear the Clogs with Expert Drain Cleaning in Clearwater.

Midway Services Total Home Comfort can discover the root of your blockage and get it fixed before you end up with leaking—or worse, burst—pipes and a water-damaged house.

We Have the Technology to Tackle Your Clogged Drain

In Clearwater, people can typically ignore sluggish drains and continue with their regular routines. It’s only an annoyance, right?

It might seem ok initially, but a backed-up drain can lead to worse—and more costly—problems. It could be triggered by hair, a grease buildup, or other issues that result in clogged pipes.

We use a high-tech video drain inspector that allows us see exactly what’s happening in your pipes. Our video scopes make location and repair precise.

You can depend on our skills and tools to clear any type of clog that’s creating plumbing issues in your home. Plus, you have the assurance that our entire service is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee* for a full year.

Water running down a sink drain

Advice on How to Prevent Clogs

Clogs can occur in an individual fixture like a sink, shower, or bathtub—backing up or draining sluggishly. If you have multiple fixtures backing up, there’s a high chance you have a clog in your main drain system.

Here are several ways you can keep clogs from happening:

  • Clean drain stoppers and get a hair-straining drain trap.
  • Don’t flush materials that won’t break apart in water, like feminine products or baby wipes.
  • Don’t pour grease or oil down your drains.
  • See that your plumbing vent on your roof is free of obstructions.

Even with the best precautionary practices, you can still end up with clogged plumbing system and need us for a drain cleaning.

Other Signs You Need a Drain Cleaning

A frequent sewer smell in your home could call for a drain cleaning. If that doesn’t work, you may have a broken sewer pipe.

No matter the issue, trust Midway Services s Total Home Comfort to help you by fixing the problem and removing that awful stench.

From locating and taking care of clogs to cleaning greasy drains to fixing even larger issues, Midway Services Total Home Comfort has you covered. We’ll have your drains running correctly in no time.

Unclogging your most common plumbing problems with Service Experts.

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