Midway Services Offers A Wide Variety of Professional Exhaust Fan Installation

Electrical exhaust fan installation in the Tampa Bay area is necessary due to the large amount of moisture and humidity in our Florida weather. An efficient ventilation system draws moisture out of the room and protects against the buildup of damp air, providing a dry, clean and comfortable space. Even in the humid, muggy summer months, dry, cool air can freely flow through your rooms with proper ventilation reduces the severity of allergies and property damage, creating a healthy indoor environment. The safety and foundation of the home, especially the bathroom, is critically affected by the ventilation system.

Benefits of Exhaust Fans

As a key component of home ventilation systems, an electrical bathroom exhaust fan installation:

  • Assists in diverting unpleasant odors
  • Diverts humid air to un-fog mirrors
  • Creates a more pleasant temperature
  • Provides additional lighting
  • Supplies a source of heat on cold days
  • Delivers ventilation for a bathroom with no windows

All of these benefits create a clean and comfortable environment, free from unpleasant odors or moisture. There are certain locations where improved ventilation can be particularly helpful.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

In bathrooms, larger amounts of moisture are added to the air and become more concentrated than any other room in the house. The humidity from a typical shower can produce a pint of water. During colder months when windows aren’t usually opened, lingering damp air can’t escape. As a result, the water vapor collects, potentially causing damage and distress to the area. Sometimes, bathrooms can be without windows altogether, creating an airtight space that never lets moisture out.

Effective ventilation is critical in maintaining humidity levels and a healthy living environment. Exhaust fan installation contributes to the safety and health of your home by preventing:

  • Buildup of damp air
  • Moisture damage to wallpaper or paint peel
  • Excessive window condensation or frost
  • Damaged window trim
  • Stains or thermal tracking on walls, ceilings, vanities and cabinets
  • Decay of wood trim
  • Bowing or warping of wood
  • Damaged or curled roof shingles
  • Growth of mold or mildew
  • Mold contamination
  • Saturation of building insulation

Preventing and protecting your bathroom from all of this potential property damage can save money and time on repairs and maintenance while keeping your bathroom sanitary.

Attic Exhaust Fan Installation

Keeping a cool temperature and eliminating stagnant air are two benefits an attic fan provides to your home.

Professional Service

Hiring a professional for exhaust fan installation is important to guarantee the safety of the room. Improper placement can easily remain unseen because the ceiling hides part of the fan. If moisture from humid air disperses into the attic, condensation on the wood can lead to mold or wood rot. All of the problems that the improved ventilation prevents- leak stains, wood damage, mold, and mildew – can worsen if the process is not completed by a professional. In addition, fans need to be integrated into your home’s electrical system, and so the electrical wiring requires specialized knowledge to ensure safety and efficiency.

Exhaust fan installation is a breeze with Midway Services. Our trained technicians will be there throughout the entire process. When considering factors, such as the noise of the fan, the airflow capacity, and the electronic timer, Midway will help you select which fan is best for you. The location, repair and maintenance of your added utility require careful consideration, and with Midway, every step will be meticulously and expertly cared for.

With our flat-rate pricing, there are no hidden costs. Any additional expenses will be discussed with you so there are never any pricing surprises. We also offer one-hour emergency service during normal business hours when scheduling permits.

For Your Peace of Mind

At Midway, we take your peace of mind very seriously. We understand that by calling us, you are inviting a stranger into your home or onto your property, and that can be a frightening proposition.

All Midway Services technicians have passed a nationwide criminal background check and drug screening.

Your Midway Services electrical technician will arrive within their scheduled time slot, driving a Midway Services vehicle, neatly dressed in a Midway Services uniform and sporting a Midway Services ID badge. You can rest assured that we will leave our work areas neat and tidy and treat your home and furnishings as we would our own.