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Professional Air Conditioning Replacement Clearwater

Ready to replace your air conditioning replacement in Clearwater? The Experts at Midway Services have you covered from the beginning to the end of the process.

We’ll help you determine which quality system is right for your home—and budget—including energy-efficient and high-efficiency models.

When to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner

It can be hard to know definitively when to replace your air conditioner. Here are a few hints that it’s time to get started preparing for a new one.

  1. Your electrical bills are shooting up. As your air conditioner gets old, it becomes less efficient. It will begin needing more energy to keep your home cool.
  2. Your residence feels uncomfortable. When your air conditioner loses efficiency, it will struggle to keep your house comfortable. Some symptoms of this include elevated humidity and hot and cold spots.
  3. Your air conditioner is on constantly. It’s normal for your air conditioner to run more often when it’s hotter than normal. But an inefficient air conditioner will have to be running to keep your house cool, even during more moderate temps. This increases wear and tear and can make your energy bill more expensive.
  4. Your air conditioner is aging. With proper tune-ups, air conditioners can run for 15 years or longer. Installing a new air conditioner when it’s 10 years old could save you 20-40% on electrical bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  5. You’re spending a lot on air conditioning repair. Air conditioning repair bills can rapidly stack up. When they are greater than half the cost of a new system, it’s time to get a new one. This is especially true if your air conditioner runs Freon and is leaking refrigerant. Also called R-22, this refrigerant is no longer being made because of its damaging effects on the ozone layer. Repairing a refrigerant leak on a R-22 air conditioner is very expensive, since the refrigerant is only available in limited, recycled amounts.

Save on Cooling with an Energy-Efficient Central Air Conditioner

We get that getting a new air conditioner is a big expense. And it can be one that you’re not totally financially prepared for. That’s where our Service Experts Advantage Program™ can assist you. For just one low monthly fee, you’ll enjoy a new air conditioner. There’s no down payment required, and installation, maintenance and repairs* are all included at no added charge. Also, you’ll get to pocket any valuable manufacturer’s rebates.

With the Advantage Program, you’ll have worry-free comfort with no out-of-pocket bills. If you do need repairs, you’ll get 24/7/365 priority service plus no trip or overtime charges—ever!

In addition to the Advantage Program, we have several memberships to keep your new air conditioner working at its best performance.

Whether you need air conditioning installation or routine maintenance, work is completed by our licensed and certified Experts. We’re so sure you’ll be happy with our services that we stand behind them with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a year.*

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