Here's What to Do When Your Furnace Won't Ignite

February 23, 2017

We are trudging through the last of the weeks of winter but we still are relying on our furnaces, especially during cold nights. Nothing is worse than turning in at night and realizing your furnace won’t kick on. If this happens to you, here are a couple things you can check yourself before your call Midway Services.

Check Air Filters

You should replace standard air filters each month. If you don’t, they can get clogged, blocking air flow and resulting in a furnace malfunction.

Check Your Thermostat

See if turning the temperature up a few degrees will get the furnace to turn on. If the actual room temperature is higher than the thermostat, the furnace won’t kick on. Also, verify the system switch is on “heat” or “auto.”

Check the Power

It may seem ridiculous, but make sure the power switch next to the furnace is “On.” Even gas heating systems use electricity so confirm the breaker has not tripped and that the power switch was not accidently flipped to the “Off” position.

If you inspect all these things and your heating system will still not kick on, give Midway Services a call at 727-219-2471 and we’ll come out and take care of you as soon as possible.