What To Do If Your Air Conditioning System Experiences Flooding or Hail Damage 

While your air conditioning unit is created to withstand all sorts of conditions, including heavy showers and hail damage, there are times when you need to call your AC maintenance technician to inspect possible damage. If your AC system sits in standing water, due to a torrential downpour or other unexpected issues, it can cause significant damage to the moving parts and electrical pieces. The water usually has to reach about 12-15 inches in depth to affect your AC system, but if there has been any flooding whatsoever, call Stevenson Service Experts for an air conditioner inspection right away. 

If intense rainfall or flooding caused your air conditioning unit to sit in standing water, there are a few things we recommend doing to avoid further damage or a dangerous environment: 

  • Disable all the electrical controls for your AC system. If you are not comfortable turning off your switches, you can call your air conditioning repair technician to help assist you with the process. 
  • Allow your AC system to dry out. Get rid of any standing water if possible and safely clear any debris from the immediate area. 
  • Don’t turn your air conditioner back on until a professional air conditioning inspection has been performed. Call Stevenson Service Experts and ensure your equipment will work safely and effectively with a full air conditioner safety inspection. 

NOTE: Do not cover your outdoor heating and air conditioning systems with a tarp. This can actually cause more damage, including not allowing the air conditioner to air out entirely and remove moisture, possibly causing rust or other damage. 

In addition to downpours, spring tends to bring hail storms, as well. Annually thousands of commercial and residential air conditioners are harmed by hail. While you can normally see obvious damage from the outside, you may not notice that the damage inside the air conditioning unit may be causing restricted air flow, obstructing the performance of the system. Sometimes you can fix the air conditioner more easily, by combing the fins or replacing the coil, but an insurance company’s claim breakdown showed that around one out of ten of AC systems damaged by hail had to be fully replaced. 

Strong winds tend to accompany storms and while your AC system probably won’t get wind damage, other items picked up by the wind, like tree branches, furniture, or sandboxes, can be thrown, damaging your air conditioning unit. 

For a full air conditioner inspection and safety check, call Stevenson Service Experts today and we’ll make sure your air conditioner is operating safely and efficiently. Help keep your loved ones safe during storm season and make sure to follow these guidelines if your city is under a serious storm warning. 

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