What Steps to Take When Your Water Heater is Rusty Underneath

Your water heater runs best with routine maintenance from an experienced plumber. This annual service gives you the time to respond quickly and resolve likely problems. One such issue is a rusty bottom on tank water heaters

Rust can appear in various places on your water heater and can be the result of loose connections. But rust on the bottom of your water heater’s tank might be signs of a more serious problem. We would advise hiring a professional like Stevenson Service Experts to learn if the tank’s interior liner has corroded. This appears after the anode rod fails. When working normally, the anode rod pushes out impurities from the water. 

When your tank has rusted, it’s wise to schedule water heater replacement. Otherwise, you risk having your home flooded with gallons of water when the tank fails. 

Here are some other signs that your water heater is breaking down. 

4 Signs You Call for Water Heater Replacement 

While your water heater can’t inform you exactly when it’s going to break, these are common signs that it’s about to happen. 

1. Age 

A dependable water heater generally lives for close to 10 years. If yours is near this age or older, it’s a good idea to look into replacing it even if it’s still in decent shape. That way, you can avoid losing out on hot water or a mess if the tank leaks. 

2. Rusty Water 

This is evidence that your water heater’s tank is rusted down. Your water might taste unusual or stain your clothes when you wash them. While rust isn’t especially harmful, it affects your water quality and might also stain your bathroom fixtures. 

3. Reduced Hot Water 

Your water heater should deliver a steady supply of hot water, even if you’re showering and washing clothes at the same time. If you learn yours is struggling even with less use, it’s time to get a new one. 

4. Weird Sounds 

When your water heater’s anode rod stops working, sediment collects in the tank. As a result, your water heater must work longer to heat water. This can produce clanking or knocking sounds, as well as larger energy bills. 

Tankless Water Heaters vs. Tank? What’s Right for My Residence? 

Our well-trained plumbers will discuss what’s best for your specific needs and your home. When looking into hot water heater replacement, they’ll help you decide between tankless water heaters and tank models. Here are a number of the key differences. 

Tank Water Heaters 

Tank water heaters are the most common model. They have a dedicated supply of hot water, which is better-suited for heavy or frequent use. While these water heaters are the most affordable, they have some downsides. They are sizeable and constantly heating water, which is less energy efficient. And with a life span of about 12 years, they must be replaced much sooner than a tankless model. 

Tankless Water Heaters 

Tankless water heaters are used for their energy efficiency since they heat water when directed to. Because they are without a tank, they can be tucked away in cozy spaces, like under your sink or in a closet. As an added bonus, they usually last twice as long as a tank model. However, it’s important to note they’re largely more expensive than tank models. But this cost can be offset by rebates since several models are ENERGY STAR® rated. 

Call Stevenson Service Experts for Excellent Water Heater Replacement 

Hot water heater replacement cost isn’t cheap. In fact, installing a new heater can cost several thousand dollars, particularly if you want a tankless model. 

That’s why we offer an Advantage Program™ for your water heater. For one low monthly cost, you’ll get a brand new one installed at no additional cost. There’s no down payment or large initial expense, and you’ll get to include any applicable rebates. 

As a valued member, you’ll have access to 24/7 emergency service at no charge. Diagnostic, parts and labor fees are waived as well.* You’ll even have the opportunity to adjust your water heater tank size or style based on your family’s evolving needs.** 

To learn everything about our process for water heater replacement in Columbus, give us a call at 614-334-3192 today. Our Experts are willing to help however we can. 

*See your signed Advantage Program Agreement for full details and exclusions. **New monthly rate will apply. 

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