Eight Popular Heating Myths Debunked

There are plenty of myths out there about home heating that cause confusion and inefficient furnace operation. It’s time to get the facts out there.

Here, the heating authorities at Stevenson Service Experts get to the bottom of the eight most common myths to keep your home comfortable and lower your heating bills.

Myth 1: Shutting Vents in Unused Rooms Saves Cash

The thought that closing vents saves on heating costs is a prevalent misconception. But your heating equipment is designed to heat your residence with a balanced flow of return and supply air. Closing vents throws off this balance, potentially leading to pressure buildup, overheating and increased energy use. For that reason you should keep at least 80% of your vents open all the time to facilitate even heating and more efficient energy use. If you want to heat certain rooms more than others, consider installing a zoning system.

Myth 2: Setting Your Thermostat and Then Leaving It Alone Is More Efficient Than Raising and Lowering It

This myth originates from the idea that reheating a cold house takes more energy than keeping your thermostat at one temperature all the time. Although this has some truth to it, longer setbacks do lead to energy savings. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that scheduling a 7- to 10-degree setback period for eight hours a day can save as much as 10% on your heating costs. The only time this isn’t true is if you have a heat pump, which employs a backup electric resistance heater during the recovery period. However, you can overcome this problem with a special heat pump thermostat.

The best way to take advantage of setback periods is to put in a programmable thermostat. When you do this, the temperature adjusts back to a comfortable setting before you get home from work or wake up in the morning.

Myth 3: Setting the Thermostat Higher Heats the Home Faster

If you start feeling a chill, it may seem enticing to raise the temperature as high as possible. The thought here is that, like pushing down harder on a gas pedal, raising the temperature higher heats the home faster. But the truth is your heater works at the same rate irrespective of how high the thermostat is set. If you’re cold, put on a sweater and increase the temperature a degree or two to avoid overheating your home and wasting power.

Myth 4: Space Heaters Are an Effective Solution to Warm Cold Spots

Using space heaters to eliminate cold spots is not the best long-term remedy to a heating problem. Your heating and cooling system is designed to heat your entire home, so if there are cold rooms, this indicates an issue with your insulation or ductwork. Additionally, space heaters can be a safety hazard if operated unattended. They also consume a lot of energy, leading to increased energy bills.

Myth 5: If Your Furnace Runs, It Doesn’t Need a Tune-Up

It’s a common misconception that if your furnace works, everything is fine, and it doesn’t need a tune-up. Along those same lines, many homeowners feel that a new furnace doesn’t require seasonal maintenance for the first few years. However, all furnaces benefit from regular maintenance, regardless of age. Yearly tune-ups increase efficiency, prevent breakdowns and can lengthen system life span. A maintenance call is also the ideal time for a specialist to find and correct little issues before they turn into bigger, more costly problems.

Myth 6: You Shouldn’t Replace a Furnace Until It Breaks Down for Good

While you want to use your furnace for its entire life span, waiting for it to break down completely is not advisable. Timely furnace replacement reduces the chances of an emergency during frigid weather. Certainly, it’s an investment, but new, more energy-efficient heating systems can save you substantially on your energy bills and improve overall home comfort.

Myth 7: The Bigger the Furnace, the Better

When it comes to HVAC systems, bigger is not always better. An oversized furnace can lead to continual cycling, which is inefficient and wears out the system a lot quicker. Call a trusted heating and cooling professional, like the crew at Stevenson Service Experts, who can help you select a properly sized furnace for your home based on factors like square footage, layout and climate.

Myth 8: The Most Important Part of Furnace Installation Is the Brand

Though the maker of HVAC equipment is one of the factors you should consider when getting a new system, the installation service provider is even more critical. Excellent installation is the key to efficient and effective operation. Research and pick an experienced and reputable company for furnace installation to get the biggest bang for your buck out of your investment.

Partner with Stevenson Service Experts for Heating Service in Columbus

Now that you know the truth behind these heating myths, you’re ready to appreciate a more comfortable, energy-efficient home in Columbus. For more help, turn to Stevenson Service Experts. We can solve all your comfort issues with quick, durable solutions. All of our service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning we’re not satisfied until you are. For professional service that makes a real difference in your life, reach out to Stevenson Service Experts. Call 614-334-3192 today to schedule an appointment!

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